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Do not use this medication past its termination date as it might harm your kidneys.

This medicine will trigger simply a few moderate side impacts, such as difficulty swallowing, aching mouth, vomiting, light queasiness, sores or swelling in your genital or rectal location, belly upset, puffy tongue, diarrhea, and vaginal itchiness.

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Ensure you educate your physician of the following adverse effects that are thought about to be serious: itching, skin breakout, masked vision, severe problem, yellowing of the skin or eyes, difficulty breathing, complication, lessened urination, vomiting, upset tummy, redness of the skin, dark-colored pee, stomach pain, and reduction of appetite.

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You may be recommended doxycycline, which functions by reducing the growth of germs, for the procedure of gonorrhea, urinary tract infections, acne, and chlamydia, gum condition and other ones.